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Games like This Party Sucks

A TTRPG game of teen femmes casting spells with PSLs and hexing the patriarchy!
a cozy, intimate two-person LARP about cuddling with the monster from under your bed
a game about revisiting things that scared you as a closeted queer middle schooler
a reflective cooking LARP for 1+ players
A 1-2 player game about a selkie finding their skin and returning to the sea.
a two-player game about sensory feedback, emotional connection, and trust between pilot and mech
A game of magic, dressup, and repressed teenage feelings.
a story about a nearly unplayable, nearly perfect LARP
A Game to determine my Games of the Decade
A story telling ritual for creating history
A series of rituals to invite in the Spectre that pursues us
The Goose King has awoken and he needs his best Geese to find Shinies.
A Gothic and Gloomy Guided Tour Through The Streets Of Skøvd
A soulslike RPG hacked from Knave
a survival roleplaying game
a game about things breaking in space
A social game of horror and loss
Somewhere in New Jungle, the Big Boss searches for the Power.
A map-making game about queer love and its trials
Teen Gods Sword & Sworcery RPG about rebellion, and the troubles they get into.
A pamphlet RPG module