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Games like Horror Effects plugin for RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV plugin that puts a compass on the screen to show locations of nearby events.
RPG Maker MV sample project with 8 battle plugins utilized to create an indepth battle system
A RPG Maker MV plugin that adds social media buttons to your title screen.
8Bit / PixelArt converter for images & videos
Forest Horror Tiles!
Modern Horror Tiles!
20,000+ game assets for use in your games!
A 2D Character Portrait Generator.
RPG Maker MV plugin to control meta data like switches and variables across game saves.
RPG Maker MV plugin where the battle system functions on a turn by turn basis completing actions as they are selected!
Easily create “retro” style music for an app, game or just for fun!
every house is haunted
10,000+ more game assets for use in your games!
Monitor your files like no other competing anti-virus software!
Gameboy themed graphics/audio for RPG Maker