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Games like Animated Muzzle Flash Pack 2

One free soundtrack
Frame by Frame Animations!
Totally destructive animations...
3600 Frames of Character Pixel Art Animations
35+ Water Tiles Including Water's Special Limited Edition Form ICE!
Tons of high quality explosive animated fireball sprites.
A great collection of animated cartoon explosions!
Avenue Pixel is a proportional pixel font inspired by typography used in suburban street signs. Free via OFL!
a set of 256 topdown spaceship sprites
This package contains over 2000 character portraits created using AI, in multiple styles.
Perfect asset pack for your SHMUP or Space Arcade game!
Asset pack containing 10 original special effect animations
Spider Monster for your indie game!
54 gun and 42 attachment sprites
4 Sci-fi Guns (Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Machine) with animations
Don't burn yourself with these hot animations!
Pixel Art Parallax Background