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Games like In An Empty City

A short and sweet tale of trans friendship (Winner of a 2019 Ignatz Award and 2020 Prism Award)
A queer, punk rock monster hunt
Another short tale of trans friendship
There's pirates, action and love
☆ short sci-fi mixed-race narrative ☆
Artifacts, flowers, and reflections on legacy
☆ islamic futures, moon phases, & identity ☆
A reflection on the spiritual inner life of a child
3 short stories.
Two queer crushes, and the friendship that supported them through the ups and downs.
A lighthouse keeper looks for love
A Doug fancomic that envisions a thoughtful future for our favorite childhood characters.
Comedy autobio comic strips from the POV of a substitute art teacher!
The first collection of Blu and Gralt comics! (fggcomic, 2019)
Comic essay about architecture and racism in LOTR
First book of short comic anthology series by Laura Knetzger.
A zine of queer love stories in space