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Games like Outrun

A solo dungeon crawling TTRPG
A Solo-Slasher RPG
Tell a story and make a map in this hack of Microscope
A #WretchedJam gameabout a lighthouse keeper.
Map making game played using the postal service
Old School Roleplaying in 2400
An SRD for creating journaling games.
A business card-sized tool for generating odd pointcrawls with a coin
An OSR Fantasy Hack of Lasers and Feelings
A playable city-generator and map-making game.
Lo-Fi Sci-Fi RPG after the apocalypse.
Make your own stealth based roleplaying games using the engine behind Night Reign
An alternate, more narrative, take on the typical oracle systems in solo rpgs.
a solo RPG of exile and exploration among the stars
a cyberpunk TTRPG where you play solo together
Lo-Fi RPG about exploring the stars.
A Rules-lite Role-playing Game
QUICK! Let's play a horror game! A rules lite system for those who want to run a survival horror scenario in a pinch.