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Games like Wheel of Prizes

A bunch of freaks join you on your wasteland romp
Ash, From the end is Nigh!
A playable bandit? Surely there's more than meets the eye...
Build your own house.
A new Venuzian to play as.
Play with Risk of Rain Artifacts in NTT
Adds hands to players and enemies in need- has mod support!
New IDPD Spawns
Adds Brad from LISA: the Painful RPG
Debug commands mod for Nuclear Throne Together
Explore the new secret areas!
Guess the word based on drawings
Nuclear Throne Together mod that adds a lot of golden weapons
Super Hexagon clone for NTT
Save and load runs in Nuclear Throne
stack multiple crowns in NTT
Magical tech spell programming mod
A mod for Nuclear Throne Together that gives bosses health bars