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Games like Suzette for Adobe Fuse

A Mothership Sandbox Campaign
a FREE bodybase for importing legacy clothing made for the Mixamo Female Fit A
FREE: 1-piece bodysuit: Mini Skirt and Sweater
Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks.
Play in browser
a free Tshirt with a template for adding your own artwork and logos
FREE: 1-piece bodysuit: Sleeveless Turtleneck and Pants
Create game-ready child figures! 4 skin presets included
FREE: 1-Piece sleeveless mini-dress
a free bikini for the Fuse ladies
A sci-fi extreme sports bodysuit for Adobe Fuse CC.
FREE: Swimsuit or underwear for Adobe Fuse male
FREE: Unisex pants for Adobe Fuse male
FREE: "Gothboy" outfit for Fuse male