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An incomplete list of stuff to try to make your writing suck less so you write good
Kickstarter Creatives Checklist - Pre-Campaign Launch
Two articles covering commonly asked questions and tactics on Kickstarter
Featuring 800+ entities including Publishers, Funding, Awards, Industry Bodies, Networks and more...
A solo TTRPG where you, a mortician, must decide if someone earned their life.
dark vacation ads for alien lands
An exercise in blatant self-censorship and the manifestation thereof
Procedurally generated mansions
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exciting themes for custom CSS enabled game pages
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a q-&-a style zine for trans hysto hopefuls
Procedural frog generator (see your frog-self)
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A metagaming manifesto by Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux for Manifesto Jam.
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To be read from time to time.
Haversack holds gear in your tabletop campaign.
pick-your-path adventure mini-zine (print or read in browser)
Interactive Fiction
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Le jeu de rôle Magical Fury en français
A game of genderqueer names
Un jeu de narration libre et sans stress, traduction française du jeu Tiny Stories
A hostile roleplaying game that is threatening you