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Games like AppGameKit for Python

Programming platform designed to help you learn coding by using text and visual programming interchangeably in realtime!
Create 2D games in JavaScript, made easier
2D retro grapics engine with true raster effects for creating 8/16 bit style games
Easily create 3D models and 2D sprites
Cross-platform game development for everyone
Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites!
3D Game Engine for Blender
A 2D Character Portrait Generator.
Path-based racing game engine.
Your free and open source sprite editor
Run in browser
Advanced and powerful Tween based animation system for GameMaker Studio
Create your whole tileset instantly.
Shoot'em up arcade with crazy characters and explosions everywhere!
8Bit / PixelArt converter for sprites & videos
A .NET based IDE for developing C64 games/programs with debugging support via VICE emulator
A tool used for creating asset data for games!
Free html5 tool for color palette swaps in games.
Run in browser
Commodore 64 graphics editor twin-pack.