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Games like The Major Arcana

A single-player self-care ritual
A zine of little games
Found poetry from type-in computer games
Sixteen free fonts to use for whatever
post-anime gurowave trauma-romance novella
a two-player storytelling game
Persephone gets some drunken advice from the god Dionysus.
A letter-writing game
Role Playing
Waiting for creativity to strike? Strike first!!
Run in browser
☆ post-apocalyptic islamic futures adventure with cool jackals and lunar eclipses ☆
At the end of everything, hold onto anything.
an alpha sapphire nuzlocke comic told thru post-it notes
a nightmare action-rpg about finding oneself
In the ancient walls of a forgotten kingdom, a most poisonous and evil force reigns over all
ritual sacrifice and demonic transformation simulator. twine. adult content.
a future is possible
Play in browser
a story about a girl who lost her colour.
Role Playing
but all we hear now is the static