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Games like Colossal Conquest

​Play as Lavi the cat on her quest to knock precious objects from high places!
​A small little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams.
Role Playing
Fight for justice in this anime-themed graphic adventure game!
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Dress up unique characters, play mini games, and gacha in Gacha Life!
Role Playing
Librarium Animated Battlers Sample + RPGMAKER MV Dragonbones implementation
Role Playing
The Labyrinth awaits...
Role Playing
Having inherited Lake Manor, you decide to convert it into an inn. But is there more to the manor than meets the eye?
Play as Eve and explore an odd world full of magic!
Role Playing
Pixel assets for RPG in an old school style
One of the sub-episodes of the Princess Trilogy. Also known as Episode 1.5.
Role Playing
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~
Role Playing
A curse covers the world. A tower to the heavens appears. A New Theory is born.
Role Playing
A startup simulation game by real startup team
Escape room type game where you rescue a person locked away from a mysterious dungeon.
Role Playing
The story of 4 brave warriors to save THE PRINCESS from the hands of the EVIL OVERLORD!
Role Playing
Al's smile. A blue island in dreams. Reality covered in blood.
Visual Novel
A very short game about a cat cafe for IGMC 2017.
Integrate Steam SDK to RPG Maker MV
RPG Maker MV plugin for a more visual inventory