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A dive into how the field of comics lies about its own work, and defends bigots, harassers, and more.
A incomplete, and uncomprehensive, and intermittenly personal look over the history of Furry since 1978.
two pdf files packed full from all my published art & sketches from 2018!
shitpost cut n paste zine
A history of comics' many market problems, how they tie into our current comics situation, and how to, maybe, fix it.
A novel length dating sim twine set over one long weekend.
The complete collection of Carta Monir's gameboy printer zines, 2018-2019
A big collection of 5 years of ABDL/babyfur/ageplay art. 18+
A collection of amateur local photography of a slice of Maine.
I.D.E.K.A. Halloween Special Visual Novel
A fluffy, soft, 15k word romance, containing exactly what's on the label.