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Games like Ted2Go IDE

Prebuilt binaries for the Monkey2 programming language.
The Monkey X programming language
Powerful BASIC language with GUI module and native IDE
Language of champions
multiplatform GUI and GUI Designer
Create Images for dungeon crawlers
Tells you the length of each beat, each measure, and the whole song
A free node based procedural texture generator.
The best app for editing .txt files
A tool to quickly create tile sets for side-scrolling video games.
BJÖRTFX - A CRT-like retro screen effect utility / tech demo
An advanced 2-D rendering system for Scratch with built-in algorithms.
One of a kind game engine for a new generation of developers.
Book storage system with fun customizations
Simple interactive prompt to manipulate images
Generate automatic Tileset for 2d Platform games. Select images and color of the tiles.
GUI for uploading projects to
generate green, red, cyan, orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink version of any jpg, gif, png or tga
Commodore 64 character graphics editor for Windows.
Famicom spritesheet and nametable editor