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Games like BlitzMax

Prebuilt binaries for the Monkey2 programming language.
Language of champions
The Monkey X programming language
The classic BlitzPlus compiler for PC.
The classic Blitz3D compiler for PC.
Powerful IDE for cool Monkey2 language!
Minimalist coffeebreak roguelike for the ZX Spectrum
Role Playing
Play in browser
A relentless beat 'em up game for the Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga
The HTML5 2D+3D game maker. Open source and collaborative.
Retro arcade racer
Explore a strange CGA underworld in this modern classic platformer!
An all-in-one Wolfenstein 3D editor.
A simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming.
Sound effect generator
A pixel tool for Famicom/NES game development.
Chiptune tracker (NES/FM/sampler)
Streamline plugin creation for construct 3
8-bit game creator tool for Windows
Java Ice Team Tracker 64
The Swiss army knife of 2D game creation!