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Games like Voidscape 0

wandering through space without a purpose_ getting old and getting lost_
⌛ two days and two nights on a ghost train ⌛
contemplative divination software
An experimental game about wandering in an ever changing place
Float through a relaxing, colorful forest.
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It's the season for penny buns, Grandma forced you to come along a bit. But deep down you know it'll do you good.
Visual Novel
Experimental Colourful Exploration Machine
Seek asylum in a city full of strange creatures.
plant seeds to support yourself. explore the blank unknown.
kaleidoscopic elegiac flyscape
Explore a quiet island in the middle of the sea
There's nothing as quiet... As a decision.
A small, interactive dual poetry, music and art piece. ***Please play in full-screen in your browser***
Every word you read of this useless print is another second of your life.
Wander a dreary city of concrete structures and unknown melodies
quadrant is a difficult rhythm game with trippy animations that get more and more intense, the better you play.
A short Twine game about a faucet. Made for Porpentine's 300 word Twiny Jam.
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we watched the sunrose