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Games like Arcade Item Pack

20,000+ game assets for use in your games!
A 2d pixel art sprite pack full of RPG game assets
48 animal sprites- expansion pack for Time Fantasy RPG assets!
Various 2D side-scrolling environments on pixel art for your projects!
10,000+ more game assets for use in your games!
Forest Horror Tiles!
Modern Horror Tiles!
Clean, bright and colourful World Map tiles!
A Pack Of 3 Pixel Fonts [ goblins not included ]
35 animated pixel effects.
Hundreds of 16x16 item, weapon, armor, and equipment sprites.
80 16x16 animated monsters.
17 hand pixelled 8x8 and 8x16 fonts. 200+ characters per font.
1700+ 1Bit Game Assets in 8x8, 16x16 and 32x32 resolution & PixaTool
Simple pixel controller buttons to use in your game.
Over 30 Single Color Item Icons
1.3K ++ icon for your game
A pixel game kit for all you turn based RPG game-developers.
A collection of sound effects in the style of an classic 8-bit Gameboy