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CakeNeq Games Main Series Games

a collection by CakeNeq Games · last updated 2019-07-18 04:33:29

Our main series of games, ranging from really bad to not nearly as bad

An Alaskan Exploration game about hunting predators and moving on
Descend. Fight Nazis. Rescue Buddies. Steal Loot. Descend.

A quick paced action roguelite set in World War 2, following a soldier who's been cursed to be killed and resurrected until he can reclaim his soul and break the curse. The goal is simple, descend to the bottom, kill the devil, reclaim your soul and die once and for all.

The bloody tale of Tuatha Station.

Third game, first large scale project, SiC centers on MacKenzie Long, a journalist that crash-lands on Tuatha Station and quickly becomes embroiled in a struggle to survive and escape. Taking heavy inspiration from DooM, Event Horizon, and Sigma Team games, SiC is a decidedly old-school shooter with ambition far exceeding it's grasp.

Bro, Anomalies, comin' for you, don't get offed.

Our Second title, a small dodge-em-up that is our most played game. Simple controls, a striking black/white/red color scheme, and simple tense gameplay make this an enjoyable title.

Outrun the Labyrinth.

the first game made by CakeNeq Games, a simple runner, set after the Minotaur escapes his labyrinth prison. Run and stab your way through weird creatures, and mostly-functional bosses!!