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GameMaker assets

These are some of the assets/examples/extensions that I made.

See also:

Livecoding for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2
A high-end code editor for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2
Error handling for GameMaker games
Package GameMaker rooms and load them as you please
Descriptive error messages and better error handling for GameMaker data structure functions
Dynamic scripting on Win/Mac/Linux.
Repairs and re-imports missing resources into GMS2.2 projects!
Execute code snippets in your GameMaker games
Bit flag based instance filtering for GameMaker
Sample project for Steam-based networking for GameMaker. API integration for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2
Auto-organize audio files in compiled GMS games into directories
Better and safer JSON functions.
Work with files in all accessible places in GameMaker games.
Better INI functions for GameMaker: Studio
Simple isometric example for GameMaker: Studio
Unified API for mouselock on desktop and HTML5 for GameMaker.