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I ♥ zinez

a collection by Bella Marie · last updated 2022-08-31 21:27:33
let's make a zine together
a little zine about being demisexual (and trans, and a lesbian)
a little zine about getting dressed up
A zine made to fight off the anxiety demons
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a zine about taking the next step
A series of linocuts printed on handmade paper
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a zine about why birkensocks are cool (made with electric zine maker)
Make your own Imaginary Residency in 6 Steps
a zine about why we should pay for free games.
a small little art zine of island life with your animal friends!
A zine dedicated to underrated Sonic stuff!
A zine with 10 games to play with business cards
An experimental webzine about art, introspection, witches, and moths.
a mini zine about my past decade
Something sucky I did in 30 minutes
A small zine about the things we do while we sleep
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Zine of digital collages from September 2020
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can too much self care be bad for you?
a call to reimagine our relationship to books
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A micro guide to Bitsy
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