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✦ VisuStella Worlds

a collection by VisuStella, Archeia · last updated 2022-07-15 20:13:08

Traverse through the World of VisuStella.


  • RPG Maker MV/MZ Compatible Assets with collisions set-up. 
  • Tiled Compatible Assets with Sample Maps.
  • Usable in any other game engine!
Vast galaxies, sterile living quarters, the unfathomable depths of space at the palm of your hand.
The ring of a school bell, the happy laughter of children that eventually fades into a haunting, empty silence.
The bustling streets of a downtown city are alive and now you can create that too!
What city is complete without the hustle and bustle of a transit system?
The imposing walls and steepled roofs stretching high toward the heavens welcomes you