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a collection by Yochai Gal · last updated 2023-04-17 16:53:43
A pointcrawl worldmap generator for ECO MOFOS!!
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Town icon generator
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a brief dungeon crawl procedure
Eco-punk rules-light near-future adventure Marked by the Odd
Tabletop RPG dungeon generation inspired by Joris Dormans’s 2017 roguelite Unexplored
(2022) A JavaScript D&D dungeon room generator
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Wield the power of procedural dungeon generation!
Very simple constellation generator
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randomless oracle and scene prompt
Role Playing
Start making dungeons out of your favorite books!
A free tavern generator & mini game for use with any fantasy rpg system
Cave/glade map generator
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A planetary system generator for sci-fi TTRPGs
A fast and simple dungeon generator that uses a standard deck of cards.
A compilation of 200 adventure hooks to help you kick off storytelling in any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.
World map generator
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A Random Map Generator For Vaults Of Vaarn
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A location generator for Oz Browning's OZR
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Printable Hexcrawl Sheets for your tabletop RPG games
Generates a portrait and details for an NPC in an oldschool low-magic fantasy setting.
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a little book of many magics
Antlers generator
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Randomly generated sandbox for old-school roleplaying games
Some streets, buildings, squares...
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a guide for using pandoc or calibre to enhance your ebooks
a template i made for creating your own dialect material
An introduction to creating ttrpg content for web and ereader using pandoc.
Get Inspiration Pad Pro 3 to work from the command-line
Easily display your zines on
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