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The Japan Collection

a collection by GuttyKreum · last updated 2023-11-10 02:58:28
Added Oct 10, 2022 by GuttyKreum

This asset pack contains everything you need to design a bloody or abandoned home for your players to meet a horrible fate in. Add a touch of Japanese horror to your project with these unique pixel art tiles.

Added Jul 30, 2021 by GuttyKreum

Explore the overgrown and abandoned backstreets of Japan!

Added Jul 07, 2021 by GuttyKreum

Flesh out your game with this set of modern Japan inspired icons!

Added Apr 14, 2021 by GuttyKreum

Take a stroll through modern rural and urban Japan with these retro pixel-art illustrations.

Added Nov 20, 2020 by GuttyKreum

The salary man's palace!

Create your own Japanese office building interior with these retro pixel art tiles.

Added Oct 09, 2020 by GuttyKreum

Create your own traditional Japanese home or apartment interior with these interior essentials!

Added Sep 21, 2020 by GuttyKreum

Create a tranquil and relaxing space for players to retreat into. With red and blue versions of all roofing, bridges, and lanterns!

Added Sep 05, 2020 by GuttyKreum

This asset pack contains a cozy, run-down/overgrown batting center. Design a baseball related mini-game for your players or use this as a way to add a touch of Japan to your project.

Added Aug 01, 2020 by GuttyKreum

A slice of Japanese living in pixel form. Create all manner of konbini to populate your world and satiate the need for a midnight onigiri.

Added Jun 08, 2020 by GuttyKreum

A Japanese bakery themed top-down tileset with a giant sized Taiyaki parfait and animated chocolate fondue fountain as centerpieces.

Added Jun 07, 2020 by GuttyKreum

懐かしい...(Nostalgic). Construct your own Arcade with these gritty Warehouse Kawasaki inspired tiles. 

Added May 13, 2020 by GuttyKreum

では 始めましょう (Well, let's begin the lesson)! Create your own school with Japan inspired touches. 

Added May 10, 2020 by GuttyKreum

A dark and atmospheric tileset inspired by Okunoin in Japan. Construct your own atmospheric graveyard to explore and hunt some Yokai monsters in.

Added May 10, 2020 by GuttyKreum

Design a quaint suburban neighborhood for your players to stroll through.

Added May 10, 2020 by GuttyKreum

Explore a neglected, darker side of Tokyo with this gloomy city tileset.

Added May 10, 2020 by GuttyKreum

Kanpai! A place of respite for your players to down a drink and sing a song after a long day of monster slaying or office work.

Added May 10, 2020 by GuttyKreum

Populate your cities with these Japan themed character sprites or make them the protagonists/antagonists in your project!

Added May 10, 2020 by GuttyKreum

A district filled with office buildings, rooftops and alleyways. Add a piece of the legendary Osaka to your project!

Added May 10, 2020 by GuttyKreum

The tileset that kicked off the Japan Collection. A bright shopping district with traditional Japanese buildings.

Added May 10, 2020 by GuttyKreum

This large assortment of miscellaneous Japanese street objects was created to make your game and environments feel more 'lived in'!

Added May 10, 2020 by GuttyKreum

Designed to be a breezy, calming and quaint train station to help players navigate your game world!