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Old School Adventures

a collection by Yochai Gal · last updated 2023-11-10 02:58:27
An old school faery adventure for low level characters
A high-fantasy adventure anthology for Old-School Essentials
Level-0 funnel for OSE
An Old School RPG Adventure for 3rd level
A swamp-crawl sandbox adventure for whatever version of D&D you fancy
Like a Zelda dungeon, but you play as a group of grubby grave robbers. Also, there's way more eyeballs.
OSR/5E dungeon trifold with spiders, skeletons, and oozes, oh my!
A cosmic horror dungeon exploration for Smithy of Sacrilege
A fully digital dungeon built in Twine and runnable at your table.
Seek out the truth telling Oracle (and pay the cost!)
An adventure module for Knave
Introductory System-Agnostic TTRPG Horror
A doomed fantasy city where the rains never stop!
A mountainous travel guide for use with Old-School Essentials
A Dark Fantasy Mini Setting
A flower-themed dungeon for the Mayfield jam
A wilderness hexcrawl RPG adventure and dungeon.
An underworld Tavern for Tunnel Goons
A Hexcrawl Inspired by Leftist Folk Music
A hexcrawl fantasy setting for tabletop adventure games
A novella-length rpg adventure of tragic witch hunting one cold October. Updated!
An OSR-style dungeon module for levels 1-3
A dungeon for low Hit Die adventurers (1-2 HD)
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