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a collection by Litza Bronwyn · last updated 2021-04-14 11:08:36
a simple d6-based rpg about compounding dangers
a guided by the sun game for space is awesome jam about exploring space and beholding wonders.
For every one Jean-Luc Picard, there are five shitty ensigns. This is their story.
A question-based PBTA ttrpg about students having adventures at Hogwarts!
A solo journaling rpg about girls trapped on an infected island. Made for #WretchedJam.
A simple body-swap rpg where the players take turns GMing.
A small ttrpg about being stuck in a small town.
A simplified pbta ttrpg about werewolves and catharsis.
A comedic twist on the popular legend of the vampire Strahd.
A pbta game about a dreamer and the things in their dream.
A game about being a mouse or some other woodland creature in a big wide world.