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Games of #RPGSEA

Showcasing just a few of the diverse and original RPGs and larps created by the vibrant Southeast Asian scene!

Chicken-based TTRPG about escaping destiny and the kitchen

Bram Xu's lighthearted and system-light game of chickens gaining superpowers and battling to escape a delicious fate.

Interpret the magic of love

Storytelling game about Elemental spirits in modern Manila seeking a fortune teller to help them with their troubled love lives. Emotions, magic, flashbacks and tarot - common elements of Sword Queen Games!

A micro-rpg analog game about concerned citizens investigating a dubious local project

The Kapitan is building a new project in your neighbourhood, and you're going to have to snoop amd dig through local gossip to find out the real dirt behind it. A Tagalog investigative game!

A 2 player scrap

A stylish 2-player martial arts duel, told through character creation, dice rolls, tactics, bluffing, and narration! Fantastic flow charts and diagrams! With optional cheating rules and tournament mode.

An RPG subclass for the Sorcerer class

When your ancestors messed up, a powerful curse branded you for life - and also gave you a new Sorcerer subclass with some dice-melting bad luck and bonus Warlock powers for D&D 5e...

the wheel turns, running you over

An ambitious Fate Core hack where you play the immortal, yet all too human, deities of Chinese religious cosmology, as they struggle through a modern Heavenly Bureaucracy, seeking to reform it, overthrow it, or find a more awakened path.

we breathe life into this city together

A city-building game for a collaborative group. Create neighbourhoods and landmarks, assign their true names, and change them through Events that you play through together.

Somewhere in New Jungle, the Big Boss searches for the Power.

Be Warriors and defeat the Big Boss with the power of RAP BATTLES in this ingenious 1-page RPG!

An intimate experience for two about Heroes, Lovers, and Home

An intimate storytelling game for two partners, about a Hero and a Lover, separated by war, then reunited at long last.

a game about the pets we've loved and lost, a meditation on grief.

A solo lyric game about coping with the loss of your pet. Read, reimagine, remember. They're still here, sleeping in your heart.

A game about all girl's catholic schools and a ghost.

A horror storytelling game (with cards) about a haunting in a Catholic school. Play to find out who makes it to the end.

Slash, stomp, shout, and scream as you use martial arts to express your emotions
Role Playing

A larp about telling stories as a martial arts performance troupe. Players create the performance together through four stages.

A game about monstrous office ineptitude

An RPG about monstrous office ineptitude. Strange employees with stranger powers (and body parts) trying to survive the modern workplace. Now in Alpha.

How you move is who you are

A solo larp about exploring who you are through movement. Redefine yourself through martial arts.

A tabletop roleplaying map game for 1-5 players about drowning empires and imagining utopias.

A map-making game about what comes after the Empire falls. Rediscover and reclaim history in the wake of colonialism.

A Game About Love, AI, and Revolution

2 players and a game of cyberpunk revolution. 2 AIs in love. They might break free. They might betray. They might fall. Played with QR codes!

an emotional/awkward family dinner simulator

A GM-less conversational game about a reunion at a family dinner. Tensions, hidden feelings and drama.

A food based battle game where we fight or feed our appetites

A four-player storytelling game about resisting the power of fast food! Take that, Wendy's!

A pamphlet solo TTRPG exploring the mystic side of Malay martial arts

A solo game of imagination and drawing. A journey to discover the mystical implement within.

A character generation game based on Filipino myth.

A rich character creation procedure for your RPG group, inspired by Filipino creation myths.

A wuxia tabletop roleplaying game about learning what it means to wield a sword.

A roleplaying game about the journeys of young heroes in the martial arts world. Your story's genre changes as you gain experience!

A valley where cats are holy, and timber haunted. System-neutral RPG adventure setting, inspired by Southeast Asia.

An illustrated journey to a village where woodworkers and cats exist in an unequal balance. Where a feline god has left its paw-print. System-agnostic.

Tales of cockfighting and the marital spats of gods. A system-neutral RPG scenario!

Monsoons, local gods, bloodsports with cockatrices and recipes for chicken. A system-agnostic supernatural mystery.