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BlauwPrint Recommends

Games (and one tool) we like a lot on! Contributions by both Thomas and Freek.

A procedurally generated action game about a whale named Mobias

Ever wanted to spend a whale afternoon bashing boats and fighting ghost ships? Pequod is a fun, quick roguelike whale-em-up with a great aesthetic.

One-Button Local-Multiplayer

Fun, easy to pick up multiplayer game which revolves (hah) around pushing a single button to nuke the other players. The game dictates which action is performed when the button is pressed, but press too late and you pick the next action!

A two-player competitive snaking mission based on the Metal Gear Solid series! Made in 2 weeks for the Duplicade Jam.
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They had me at 'This is a snaking mission'.

The hardest one-button game you will ever play.
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A great rhythm game inspired by Rhythm Heaven!

Point and click adventure developed in 48 hours at the Indie Gameleon Game Jam 2015 in Hamburg, Germany.
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A very lovely point-and-click game created at a game jam where we participated at well. Very charming visuals and a contemporary story that has to make you smile!

The Universe is Broken

This is one of the most charming games I've seen on yet. The execution sometimes feels strange, like the click-hoarding to build civilians and the relatively small view, but it all works great and seems content rich. This is a god game in the core, and it has all the charm of one.

A sequential strategy RPG puzzler inspired by Fire Emblem and Jeanne d'Arc
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The aesthetic didn't really appeal to me, but I'm glad I gave it a spin anyway. Very fun 'sequential' gameplay as it says itself. Targets don't even attack, it's just a matter of in which sequence you move and take them down.

A terrible decision, now in game form!
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Probably a super realistic take on drinking and driving at the same time. It also has an, erm, engrossing story with a plot twist! Fun to play and of course has a cool message. DISCLAIMER: played this because itch said it was akin to Flippin' Phones :D

According to the description, this wasn't supposed to be played by everyone and their cousin, but you really should! I love gunplay that feels weighty, and it does here. It's a bit akin of Hotline Miami, but less frantic and with more accuracy. It felt a bit more tactical, and I like that.

You only get one javelin. Please don't lose it.
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Fun platformer that makes the most out of the 'one javelin' mechanic, especially further on in the game. I was kind of hoping for mechanics like swinging from a rope from your javelin or using it as a foothold/stair for climbing walls, but it didn't go that far. Maybe in Javel-zwei? :)

P.S. Anything from Daniel is gold as far as I'm concerned.

A retro-inspired 2D Action-RPG set in the distant future
Role Playing

A charming RPG that combines retro graphics with both classic and fresh mechanics. The setting is large and very promising and the fact that it's basically a game in a game makes CrossCode worth checking out!

This demo is just the tip of the iceberg because with the success of their Indiegogo campaign, RadicalFishGames is going to transform it into the real deal!

a half-true story about half-truths
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Wonderful personal story told in a genius way. Walking in there with a feeling of 'This can't be that hard, I'll just be straight* to them' and facing characters that totally rip apart that confidence is very confronting, and that makes this game great.

* pun unintended

Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool

A great tool to make in-game sprites and animations with. Updates are made regularly and the developer is a hero.