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a collection by edermunizz · last updated 2021-03-04 23:23:33
Upgrade from pixi 4x to 5.3.0
Undying love exists.
Allow RPG Maker MV events to synchronize movement with player or other events.
make it more convenient to work with Yanfly Grid Free Doodad
Ensures smooth, stutter free transfer between scenes, even those that are resource intensive.
Gameboy themed graphics/audio for RPG Maker
Modern+ Collection with school tilesets!
A police officer is in search of missing children.
This converts multiple JS files into 1 main .js file.
Run in browser
Replaces the usage of bitmap altering functions with filters to enhance game performance.
Converts PNG to WebP for smaller game size.
A small FFMPEG wrapper tool that converts OGG Vorbis files to Opus