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The Wyrd reading pile...

a collection by Wyrd Science · last updated 2023-11-10 02:57:24

The books, games and strange unclassifiable things that we're currently reading...

Doomed-skirmishes and fatalistic dungeon-crawls
The first MÖRK BORG borggame
post-apocalyptic car-PG
A Micro Skirmish Game set in space for 2-4 Players
A village witch solo journalling RPG set in a Ghibli inspired cosy fantasy world.
Exploring non-violent typography.
A strange zine
Forbidden Psalm: Miniature gaming Inspired by Mörk Borg
The RPG of the Image Comic Series DIE.
Life is like a hurricane, here in... DUKK BÖRG
A bestiary supplement compatible with MÖRK BORG
A catacomb of calcified MÖRK BORG community content.
A wargame that uses things you already own for miniatures
A collection of strange things and places in deep space
Get Revenge. Fight Pirates. Steal Their Fucking Treasure! A 3rd part module for Mörk Borg
A game of dreamy ventures
What strange horror awaits in Autumnisle's giant squash houses?
A game of precarious spaces & interstellar war.
Science-Fantasy Roleplaying In A Universe Ruled By Death
A hexcrawl fantasy setting for tabletop adventure games
You have died and woken up in the city of Dredgeburg, a twisted city of the Underworld!