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Also Anti-Sisyphus

This one's kinda silly
Told in classic Anti-Sisyphus style, what is your narrative
Give your fighters a reason to choose worse armour
"Play is an example of play for the GM"
Faulty Torches, Good Horses, Painful Spells, Three-Sided Coins and Kisses!
Add a layer of texture, character and guilt-tripping to your campaign
A D&D zini that thinks the monster manual and player's guide should be the same book
I sold my soul to shitposting.
Why even levels & experience
a grim adventure for two players
Mr. Moore can Antisysiphus like the cool kids, as little a treat
Anti-Sisyphus guest issue by John geary
Existence is oppressive, and burdens are yokes
A guest issue of Jared Sinclair's "Anti-Sisyphus" A commentary on games and life.
an Anti-Sisyphus for Kids (especially you)
Make any game a story game in classic Anti-Sisyphus style
A D&D zini that misses the point generally
Role Playing
Tabletop roleplay decade by decade. CW: 2020s
An UNCONQUERED Zine About Phlogiston Travel.
psionic failure affects us all
A participatory essay, and an adventure for any game for 1 or more players
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