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Outils de création

a collection by PangPangClub, Leslie · last updated 2022-04-24 13:10:05
a minimal linear narrative engine
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micro ADV engine
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A hack where you can play multiple bitsy games at once
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A guide and templates for making your Itch pages look awesome.
a tool for making small stories and worlds
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Use Aseprite for texture painting in Blender
digital tarot assets
A tiny VR game engine
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using custom sizes and number of pages on the EZM reader
a bitsy emulator
A template for easily creating an Infinity Card with Affinity Publisher
The sketch tool
Storylet support for ink's web player!
merge tool for bitsy gamedata
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Printable Web Picross Editor
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Template for Unity games with main menu, custom editors and handful scripts
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A multi-use tool for storytelling and probability
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A font for an adventurous textmode game
mobile flatgame maker
A unity plugin to help anyone and everyone make games!
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Like the bitsy game editor but wish you could just use all the colors, well...
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22 different 32x32 pixel icons for fantasy RPGs, featuring pride flags.
A pack of button icons for games
tool for creating ordered dither threshold textures
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a web engine for interactive fiction
Editor for pixel art animations
Draw stuff, scan or take a shot with a potato, and turn it into game-ready sprites!
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A really simple web-based doodle app that lets you quickly make flipbook animations.
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A fantasy console inspired by the Commodore Amiga
Complete stylized color grids for Photoshop, Aseprite, web, and whatever! Online + Desktop apps.
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