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a collection by Paul Maurer · last updated 2018-05-20 14:13:27
#PartyGame & #Sport One button multiplayer game with SCREENSHAKES

Ludum Dare 36: the theme was "Ancient Technology".

Activate weird artifact and rotate them to advance in the game!

Weird but cool puzzle game made for the ludum dare 34 (jam)
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Ludum Dare 34: the theme was "Two Buttons"

The goals is to navigate on mutiple tiles, each one got two actions and you choose one of them to go further

A shmup where you fight with no bullet. Made for the Ludum Dare 33

Ludum Dare 33, the teme was "You're the monster"

You're a powerful weapon trying to escape the army, you got no gun but you can dash, this is the key.

A fast paced minimalistic shooter created for the AFALive

The jam AFAlive, the theme was : disease

You play as an antibody to fight virus cells. You cannot move but you can aim and fire, which will produce a knockback, use it to move around while you shoot the viruses!

Launch cards to explode your target !

MakeSomethingHorrible: the theme was to create a game that failed in some ways.

We have succeeded : the controls are awful

A contemplative story
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Adaweek 2015

We made that little game on twine, it's a contemplative story.

Pay attention:
it seems like the text is changing.