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Big Dave's Best Of

a collection by Big The Dave · last updated 2022-04-18 08:16:49
A christmas office party at the Sokitomi Plaza turns explosive as Terrorists take over the building!
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It's Die Hard... on Pico 8!

I had a lot of fun getting the cutscene images into the tiny Pico8 Cart.

The Super Bus Squad return, this time: IN SPACE!
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Probably the best game I've made so far.

A mega-man style platformer made during Desert Bus for Hope 2021

When his brother finds a mysterious device, Mallow goes off on another Commodore 64, Dizzy inspired adventure.
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Remember Dizzy? The old Spectrum/C64 character? No? Kids these days...

Anyway, this is aAnother game made during a Desert Bus Marathon.

Pacman and Snake! Two Arcade Classics Mashed together!
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I made this because someone wanted to do make snake-like movement and I turned the example code into a game.

Eva Ness is off to Europe for a holiday before Brexit kicks in, but she keeps misplacing her camera!
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Fuck Brexit

Another Desert Bus for Hope has ended, and it's time to put the props back into storage.
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A short Mega Man style platformer. Made during Desert Bus for Hope 2021. Omega edition is the extended post-jam version

Eva's lost in her own mind again. Join her in her battle against anxiety, shame, impostor syndrome and a Tofu Dragon.
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Took me a while to admit it but yeah, Eva's a self-insert character here.

Give the children what they deserve! Presents! Created for the Yogscast Jingle-Jam Game Jame 2019
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Another Jam game I'm proud of. Made during the Yogscast Jingle Jam. 

Requires a Mouse, unlike most Pico 8 games

Join The Noid and Pepe the Pepperoni in the long-awaited sequel of Super Sonic proportions.

Only game that's on both the Best and Worst lists.

It came from a special place in my brain and is one of the few ideas that both works as a game and is just... well... It's the fucking NOID guys.