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Soulslike TTRPGs

a collection by Jason Tocci · last updated 2024-02-13 17:39:32
A solo soulslike TTRPG
Solo soulslike TTRPG filled with necromancy
Short narrative rpg about a deathless world and those trying to resurrect the god of death
LO-FI Hunting Horror with the 24XX System
Norse fantasy Soulslike tabletop role-playing game
An immersive solo soulslike TTRPG to be played in 2-3 hours.
A sublime and bleak supplement set in a ruined world after the death of the gods. Compatible with Mörk Borg or any OSR.
A solo-coop hybrid TTRPG about exploring a broken world.
A game of memory, discovery, and harsh tactics!
A Grave Hack made for the Better Souls Like jam
A mini-TTRPG about slayers of blood-sucking monsters in a damned city.
A Fantasy Role-Playing Toolkit
The world is a corpse, the flame is sputtering, will you still carry on?
A Tarot Deck Fantasy TTRPG About Jolly Skeletons
Elden Ring inspired Mini TTRPG of killing gods and burning the world
A sword and sorcery souls-like tabletop RPG. Band together with fellow wanderers. Delve into the merciless Hinterlands.
a soulslike dating sim action-rpg
Dark Fantasy Tabletop RPG Inspired by Dark Souls and Elden Ring
A Dark Souls Vibes Inspired Game
A lightweight tabletop RPG played through item descriptions.
Hollowing as a mechanic which encourages roleplaying
Action-Horror pamphlet rpg for one-shot sessions
An introductory dungeon crawl adventure for Runecairn
a soulslike hack of lasers and feelings
A system-neutral ttrpg zine of soulsborne-inspired wandering merchants
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