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a collection by Yochai Gal · last updated 2022-06-25 14:40:23
An Adventure Location Pamphlet by Better Legends
A minimalist cyberpunk horror and survival RPG with minimalist rules and endless possibilities.
A reformatted version of Knave that you can print, fold, and staple into a beautiful zine.
Light RPG rules for party favours and dollar store d6.
Solarpunk sci-fantasy mashup of BitD and 24XX in a post-post apocalypse world.
A tabletop RPG about desperate thieves and despicable vampires.
Giant-Slaying in the Fantasy Gig-Economy
A roleplaying game about overthrowing tyrants, inspired by Dark Souls and Elden Ring
A TTRPG about halflings who don't want no adventures, thank you
The all-terrain adventure game and toolkit for fantasy
Lo-fi sci-fi micro RPG collection
Rules for fantastic adventure games playable with paper and pencil and polyhedral dice
Freeform Adventure Game
A fantasy, minimalist, story-driven PDF RPG.
A Game of Survival for Two People
An adventure game for brave adventurers
A lightweight framework for OSRish play
a free-form-ish ttrpg
a punk fantasy zine rpg
A Weird Bronze Age Sword & Sorcery RPG
nostalgic british roleplaying
The Soulsborne RPG
Science-fantasy tabletop RPG adventures on a psychedelic dying earth.
A lo-fi sci-fi RPG SRD
A Game of Lost Children
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