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Ludum Dare 45 - Start With Nothing


The design of the level is awesome and the way the game starts (the player can't even move the character) is pretty clever. The aesthetics and cold vibe of the game allows the player to imagine the world where it occurs. It is hard to finish it but it worths it (absolutely). I can only thing of this as the prequel to another game.

The aesthetics of the game are pretty good and those jumps between the oneiric world and the real world are quite interesting. I loved seeing the connection between the portals and the room (or life?) of the main character.

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The story (which is interesting) unfolds as you run. No obstacles, no ending, the same scene over and over.


Nice small metroidvania. The concept is engaging, the level design is very good and instant restart is a plus. The movement speed is a bit slow and it is a shame that you earn nothing after using your new abilities to reach the top of the starting fall. Pretty good color palette.

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The idea of playing as a bird is engaging but the game is poor in excecution. It would be more interesting if you would have only one nest to take care of it by looking for food and protect it against threats.

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Muy divertido y gracioso. Que los brazos se salgan del escenario fue lo mejor.


Muy bueno. Uno inicia prácticamente sin nada (apenas un personaje en el vacío).

La mecánica de construir el mapa con total libertad es muy interesante. Las físicas tiene un par de errores molestos. Algunos escenarios se vuelven comodines pero no es malo. La música no me gustó en absoluto. Visualmente no está mal pero algunos tiles son confusos, a veces es difícil entender dónde hay paredes.


Juego de puzles minimalista y con una estética muy placentera. La característica de que los colores cambien cuando se reinicia el nivel me gustó mucho, lo hace sentir más vivo.