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Spooky October

a collection by Alvarengu · last updated 2019-10-12 00:02:47

It is spooky season! So prepare for some scary releases through october.

During the month of october, I’m going to release several RPG games. Probably, you will see that they aren’t very polished and work better as a concept, which is true. Due the process of making several games during a month, it is supposed to happen. However, I want to go back and upgrade it as soon as possible. Again, this is only possible if you share your thoughts about the game with comments or ratings (just 5 seconds). The idea is to add a Game master book, better layout and some art. If I see a game gaining more attention, I’ll focus on that game first. 

An underwater adventure by Alvarengu
A Skeleton adventure by Alvarengu
An occultist adventure by Alvarengu
A pumpkin adventure by Alvarengu
A werewolf adventure by Alvarengu
A vampire adventure by Alvarengu
A demon adventure by Alvarengu
A ghost adventure by Alvarengu