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Yal's Engines

a collection by Yal · last updated 2017-08-03 13:47:46

Engines and source code for a variety of projects.

posted 2017-08-03T13:47:46 by Yal

Inertia-based platform engine. Gotta go fast!

posted 2016-05-07T00:42:47 by Yal

Moving platforms, jump-through platforms, enemy templates, item templates, water and ladders!

posted 2016-05-07T00:49:49 by Yal

Grid-based, super-fast 3D collisions using native GM functions. A more advanced, more demanding version with pixel-precise slopes is included!

posted 2017-07-03T15:17:05 by Yal

Simple and powerful danmaku engine for GMS1 and GMS2.

posted 2016-05-09T23:03:30 by Yal

Simple engine for NPCs and menus, easy to import into your own game or study to learn from!

posted 2016-10-04T19:16:31 by Yal

Simple skeletal animation system for sideview games.

posted 2016-08-19T10:29:50 by Yal

Out-of-the-box Flappy Bird clone engine - just add your own graphics and it's ready to publish! Supports local highscores as well!

posted 2016-05-07T00:50:04 by Yal

Advanced mouse-operated menu engine with hierarchies, independent menus, and drag-and-drop inventories.

posted 2016-05-07T00:49:08 by Yal

An engine that generates random dungeons in a modular, script-based approach with lots of tweakable parameters.

posted 2016-05-07T00:49:56 by Yal

A basic FPS engine, including shooting, dying, slopes and fully-3D block physics, and an example enemy.

posted 2016-05-07T00:48:08 by Yal

Path-based racing engine, with both a 2D and a 3D version. Creates track and vehicle models from paths, no 3D model sculpting experience necessary!

posted 2016-05-07T00:46:41 by Yal

A simple turn-based strategy engine, in all senses of the word. Includes Pixelated_Pope's free palette swap shader, already fully integrated.

posted 2016-05-07T00:49:24 by Yal

Generates serious/doable game idea suggestions from a functional/game mechanic perspective.

posted 2016-05-07T00:45:13 by Yal

A simple fake-3D effect using textured primitives, useful for all sorts of games that has dungeons, corridors or rooms in general in them.

posted 2016-05-07T00:50:12 by Yal

A simple implementation of 2D inverse kinematics, using a numerical optimization approach.