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a collection by Troublesome · last updated 2019-08-05 08:29:28
a one-page game (zine?) about forced departure, roaming and hopes
Nostalgic and somber narrative game about ghosts and small towns.
One-page game about old gods protecting their woods from industrialists.
A small alchemical ttrpg for one player and one GM.
Microgames about the end of the world and rising from ashes
a character creation game that makes you clean your room
A physical game of sugar cubes and vying for royalty
A short game of brewing potions and flower gathering
a solo rpg that starts when you see blood
a ritual of equivalent exchange for two
a ""game"" created through both drunken and automatic writing with no edits permitted
A game about crochet and family.
A story game about the suffragettes