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[generator] TTRPG worldbuilding / characters

a collection by angela-quidam · last updated 2021-12-05 13:15:41
Pocket sized urban fantasy adventure seed.

adventure seed

Generate tropes of people and scenes

NPCs + places

Une aide de jeu pour les folies temporaires dans Cthulhu sous forme de cartes

[French only] cartes: corruption mentale/dégénérescence

A random monster generator


Generate dozens of hexes and cures for your Medieval Gothic Fantasy game including ailments physical and spiritual.

medieval curses

A play in browser name generator useful for naming characters in TTRPGs and creative writing.
Run in browser

American, Spanish, Japanese, Slavic Names

Generates simple sigils and astrological/alchemical signs
Run in browser
Create blueprint maps for ALIEN RPG online
Run in browser
A simple tool to help you hexcrawl.
Use 1d6+1d6 to mashup genres for game playing or other content creation ideas.
A collaborative, social game for players to embrace their imagination and creativity!

draw it!

A multi-use tool for storytelling and probability
Play in browser
A simple creative group rpg about living in a rubik’s cube and trying to go to the shops.
1D20 pour localiser + 1D20 pour savoir ce que c'est censé être.
A Realistic Criminal Background creator
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A random text generator, and the exploration of Electronic Poetry for space games

(waiting for it)

A generator for Cults.
Run in browser
A Drug Generator
Run in browser
3 All Dice Tables that provide life-changing events for NPCs while the party was away.
Loot The Room's RPG Generator
Generate ideas for new tabletop RPGs
Role Playing
Play in browser
A set of tables to help fleshing out new NPCs for your games
A Simple Planet Generator for Spell Jammin'
An RPG Generator based on What's So Cool About Outer Space?
A TTRPG generator for places to sleep on a journey (and the problems that may arise therein)

places to sleep / way station etc.

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