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[generator] ttrpg worldbuilding / characters

a collection by angela-quidam · last updated 2019-07-29 01:01:51
EXPERIENCE | Receive oracle card readings [Twine]
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A generator for Lovecraftian Gods
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countless possibilities, one terrible reality
Interactive Fiction
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Procedurally generated mansions
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générer une maison en choisissant la taille et le style, etc., avec les chiffres du clavier, puis cliquer sur P + chiffres pour obtenir les plans des étages qui peuvent être utiles en JdR contemporain

generate a walking shitpost in the form of a 5e character
Interactive Fiction
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a funny character generator, really random.
Created for D&D but can be used in any ttrpg

A 1+ player TTRPG about how we influence the world around us.

worldbuilding centré sur le PJ et son impact discret/indirect/ou fort sur son environnement. Idéal pour des jdr avec beaucoup d'interactions PJ-PNJ (enquête, politique...)

Draw cards. Roll dice. Make characters.

cool character generator: generic enough to use in any context, and varied enough to have a complex and dynamic character. This generator is perfect if you already have the name and occupation for your character

Draw 6 cards. Look at the color of the first one, roll a die, then look at the value of the card: according to the tables, you now have a first element for your character background. Do the same with the following 5 cards