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Great games you should have played by now

a collection by Andy Moore · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:31
posted 2016-09-06T23:57:22 by Andy Moore
posted 2016-04-21T22:46:35 by Andy Moore

Lakeview Cabin is an interesting blend of morbidity and humor. At a very basic level, this game allows you to fulfil all of those masochistic murder impulses you had when you were playing The Sims. Attempt to escape from a number of familiar slasher-film scenarios, or get naked and embrace the brutal end that hunts you. Whatever makes you happy.

posted 2016-04-21T22:41:23 by Andy Moore

Szymanski took a risk when he made The Music Machine using such a limited colour palette, but boy did it pay off. The journey through this low-fi horror game is one well worth making.

posted 2016-04-18T21:39:33 by Andy Moore

STOWAWAY is what you get when you mix the low-fi science fiction horror of the Alien movies with a dot matrix printer. The experience is a short one, but the interesting canvas the game uses as a porthole only serves to strengthen the creepy atmosphere of deep space.

From the stereotypical walls full of bleeping machinery and box-like computer terminals, to the unseen horror that hunts you throughtout the ship. It all comes together to make this a great little pocket horror game if you've got an hour to kill.