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short cool games i recommand

a collection by angela-quidam · last updated 2019-10-01 04:17:45

tabletop roleplaying games, interactive fiction, or any short video games

Rogue-like card game
Card Game
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english + french !

Write letters to reconnect with a friend
Interactive Fiction
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interactive fiction : letters between two old friends who had lost contact for two years, they know re-connect to each other

less than 30 min

“Under what?” is a short story-tale about an old fisherman who suddenly faced the surface of the water.
Visual Novel

you're under water, you speak to a fishy man

A rogue-like-lite-like-lite dungeon crawler with none of the bits that I don't like.
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delve into this pixel dungeon

run on browser – quick to play but can be pretty long if you survive and don't find the treasure