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Other Games I've Contributed To

a collection by Null&Void · last updated 2016-05-10 02:59:53

This is a collection of games that I have worked on that have been uploaded by different people.

Even in your nightmares, you still have control

A puzzle game based inside the tormented nightmares of Walter.

This was a 4 week project in which I was Co-Game Designer, Lead Programmer, and Technical Artist.

Turn based Navel Battles in the sky.

A turn based tactics game based around a destroyed earth where only scraps remain to be fought over.

On Sky Pirates I assisted with UI implementation, was one of the Technical Artists, and was the Solo Programmer.

A game of space management and math.

A game about math. For Add I joined part way through the initial prototyping stage.

Since then I have becoming the lead programmer, and assisted with UI and design decisions.