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RPGs – Solo

a collection by stellarc · last updated 2019-08-03 06:57:36
10 solitaire role-playing games


a solo rpg that starts when you see blood
A solo roleplaying game about love, longing, and friendship in a gay club.
A game about cooking, witchcraft, and the consequences of revenge.
a game for 1-6 players that tells the stories of strangers
Interactive Fiction
one for sorrow, two for mirth
A venerable sorcerex, alone in their tower, muses upon their mementos & memories...
a game of a year foretold, played with cards and silence
A solo letter writing game about all the things you can't say
A solo journaling game about your body in a cyberpunk world.
a sad analogue RPG for one player about the first dog in space
A 1-player Friends at the Table fan RPG
A solo roleplaying game about exploring fantastic planets.
A game about finding objects on the beach.