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CC0. 5 instruments with 8 jingles each.
Официальные шпаргалки по ct.js — основные функции и примеры кода!
Create categories, sidebars, "latest" sections for your profile page!
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Print it and hang it on your wall!
67 retro-ish SFX under CC0 license
I've made some loops! Ain't that cool?
Fishing, farming, furniture, UI, plus 10 characters
CC0 | Fantasy and Sci-Fi melted into voxels :D
Create a little zine with live preview
Now featuring a boss fight! Gather power-ups, shoot asteroids, ships, and bosses!
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A silly game about aliens, slimes and greed
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Match identical cards to clear the board
Card Game
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