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playbooks & dungeons

A new class for 5e with much much more
A Setting and Encounter Generator Pamphlet
A Monsterhearts Arthurian Legend setting
A Stars Without number Homebrew
A playbook for Dungeon World about being a "monster"
a playbook for Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined
Four Classes for use with The Black Hack second edition
A supplemental playbook for Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined!
monsterhearts plot kit for soap opera suburban gothic
A melange of 36 backgrounds for Troika!
tables to create disabled elves, dwarves, orcs, and more for sworddream/osr/fantasy games!
Make a game a month 2019 - July
A system agnostic rpg adventure and a fun summer romp
a setting and custom moves for the Monsterhearts 2 rpg
A 5e adventure for first level players. Spooky and autumnal.
A one-page dungeon that explores loss and grief under the burning desert sun!
A one-page journey out of the sunlight and into the lair of monsters!
A one-page wild magic dungeon for your inner gambler!
A two-page dungeon complete with vengeful inmates, anti-magic, dangerous constructs, and divine fanatics!
A one-page dungeon featuring pirates and an insane wizard out for revenge!
A one-page dungeon featuring a dracolich's tomb, ankhegs, and some colour-changing mushrooms!
A Weird West mystery module for Dungeon World
A system-agnostic RPG setting.
A fantasy world setting for table-top RPGs, including D&D.
What's better than a gelatinous cube? A GIANT GELATINOUS CUBE!
When is a door not a door? When it's THE GULLET OF MADNESS!
Being transformed into an undead horror, a cute fuzzy mammal, and a sentient wrench(?!) won't slow them down for long.
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