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Nami Games

a collection by LaChouette · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:29
posted 2016-06-03T20:21:04 by LaChouette

And another great cute game from Nomnomnami. Mark my words: one day she'll rule the world with her Yuri Empire.

posted 2016-04-01T16:58:05 by LaChouette

Good game with multiple endings (some are pretty hard to get), cute characters and nice art. It's also the first appearance of Treat, which is one of the cutest characters I've ever seen.

posted 2016-04-01T16:59:49 by LaChouette

First RPG from Nami. Good game, a little short but interesting and cute (as usual). My only complaint: no Linux version, but we can't have everything, can we?

posted 2016-04-01T17:01:31 by LaChouette

Second part from Treat RPG. Really good too, even cuter (how is this possible? where will this madness stop?), with a cute side quest (expecting more from these characters).

posted 2016-04-01T16:56:32 by LaChouette

Great game with funny characters and nonsensical plot. Really waiting for the next part and some more Lupin.

posted 2016-04-01T16:52:22 by LaChouette

Really good game, interesting gameplay for a visual novel, cute story and the characters are even cuter, with great art.