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OSR Pamphlets

An Adventure Pamphlet for Lost in the Fantasy World RPG Pamphlet
A short pamphlet dungeon for old-school role-playing games
A surrealist and experimental exploration adventure about living colors
This is a one page D&D adventure made for the #PamphletDungeonJam
The pirate Ashur Bael offended the gods of Mount Caz, so they struck his airship, The Void Hatred, from the sky.
An adventure for the Knave and other Old School RPGs
A wilderness adventure for veteran characters in OGL roleplaying systems.
Pamphlet dungeon for old school tabletop RPGs
A Site Module for KNAVE & Rakehell
Discover the catacombs! Make a map! Track your characters!
A Dungeon World adventure for one Hero and their GM.
Adventure to recover the mighty Eye of Ospinode.
Can you escape from this deadly game?