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Sound Design & Composition

a collection by JohnnyR · last updated 2022-06-27 00:24:29

These are projects where I've worked on as either Sound Designer or Composer, or both.

My roles on them are properly specified below, or so I hope.

Help beaver Sergyo rebuild a home through card battles!
A Maze Puzzle In The Woods
An unusually prickly dating sim!
Visual Novel
JohnnyR says

This was a Ludum Dare Jam project where all the audio work and most of the game design was made by me.

Crossbar - A Switchboard Operator Game
JohnnyR says

A Global Game Jam project that I've worked on as Sound Designer & Composer. I also did part of the Game Design of this one.

A game by Arcolabs
JohnnyR says

A game by Arcolabs. 

Where I've worked as Lead Sound Designer and Composer.