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masterwriter42's Collection

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posted 2016-06-20T22:35:48 by masterwriter42
posted 2016-04-26T00:12:31 by masterwriter42

I played this one for my channel so I felt obligated to add it to the collection. You can play it too... if you really want to.

posted 2016-04-26T00:00:25 by masterwriter42

A very short "game" that will likely leave you with more questions than answers.

posted 2016-03-29T04:58:02 by masterwriter42

A classic style roguelike. If that's your cup of tea, there's plenty to love here. The simplicity brings back memories...

posted 2016-03-28T21:49:23 by masterwriter42

I love this game. It's very chill, very philosophical. A good way to wind down after doing something more intense.

posted 2016-03-28T21:47:15 by masterwriter42

Pretty creative for a LSD style game.