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Characters for Adobe Fuse

a collection by wetcircuit · last updated 2023-11-10 02:55:19

Original base bodies for Adobe Fuse

Added Jan 09, 2020 by wetcircuit

Create kid characters ages 5-11

Added Mar 24, 2019 by wetcircuit

At last! a Fuse figure without the underwear!

Suzette is based closely on Fusette (2015) but designed for nudity and revealing costumes.

  • Underwear free normal and AO maps
  • Resculpted buttocks and breasts
  • original skin preset
Added Mar 24, 2019 by wetcircuit

ReFit A is the body shape of the legacy Fuse female, on the updated Adobe Fuse cage mesh!

  • Import legacy clothing (source files) for Mixamo Fuse Female!
  • 100% working figure in a retro-style